Monster Arena

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Action Fighting UGH 0

Monster Arena

You are provided with lethal powers that could kill your enemies brutally. These are like half beast and half metal and you have to kill the opponent before it kills you. Get into the monster arena. It is a multiplayer game, you can set a match between you and your friend or compete against bot. Before starting the game you are given a chance to test your powers and weapons and you change it if you feel like. Equip the weapons and test them before getting into the fight. For player 1, WASD are the control keys and for player 2 arrow keys are the controlling center. You have to use the combination of these keys in order to attack, for example D key gives a straight attack, WD gives powerful attack, SD gives a kick attack and SA gives one of the most powerful attack, same goes with the arrow keys. Your players won't die easily so you have to hit a lot of time to bring their lifeline to zero for winning the match.


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