Privacy Policy & TOS

Visitors and customers privacy should be the first priority of any company and that’s what we believe in. You are totally protected so stop worrying about privacy and your data being misused, we hate misusing someone’s data for our own benefits.

privacy policy

Data we Collect

When you visit the website or sign up to the website then we may collect some data like email address, username, mobile number or your experience using cookies but be assured that we are not going to use any of these data in a wrong manner.

Your data is fully secured and it won’t be shared with anyone else without asking for your permission at any cost.


We have not developed these games so we don’t hold rights to sell these games. These are games developed by some game developers and we use them with full copyrights without any objection.

We may sometimes use affiliate links within our website which means we receive a small commission whenever you buy from us.

These games are just for fun and it means nothing more than that, any harm caused to you will not be our responsibility.

Your personal information like email, phone number is secured and will not be shared with any other third party.

  • This privacy policy may update or change anytime.

Have Fun and be Worry Free